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Newspaper 4-28

Another one of those WoW+DCS


WoW+DC's world


DC's world+WoW idk what this music is


WoW vid (thunder)


"Walking the wire" Imagine dragons (WoW, WoT, DC's world, t-34)



One morning we saw this do you see it! That's awesome! They hatched yesterday. So if you look closely you can see a second one on the left! It was so cool when we saw it!so cool! Just 3 more just need to hatch. We are getting a video of them hatching. So that will be cool!

Oliver's risk game

Above is the Risk board as it looked on 4/22/2020. Oliver: Green/Black, Sandy: Orange/Yellow. All photo credits to: Siobhan. Risk. A game like no other. A game where you must strategize, fight, and win. The prize: Global Domination! Oliver got Risk for his birthday (4/9/2020) after he had enjoyed playing it online with his friends. The evening after Oliver’s birthday; Siobhan, Oliver, Eric (Dad), and Sandy (Mom) sat down to start the long and complicated game. Siobhan took almost all of Asia, Oliver got most of North America, Sandy grabbed Europe, and Eric took most of Africa, South America, and Australia. The game began and for a while it seemed like either Eric or Sandy would claim victory. But then…Oliver and Sandy made an alliance!! Together they conquered both Eric and Siobhan. And then, Sandy seized control of the entire world (minus Greenland)! Oliver was still in the running! ‘Ha’, you're probably thinking, ‘He has no chance, with just one country.’ But then...Oliver got 17

Remaking the first WoW video



One day the Wendell's decided to plant some Seeds. So they did. They got some flower seeds and stuff, and planted them in big and small pots. We also got some sunflower seeds its will soon get very tall. Like this, so that's cool. I can't wait until they grow!

DCS f 16c viper trailer w/ bad liar


DCS world, thunder. Imagine dragons


Basically everything is in this EVERYTHING.


New vid sneak peak


Again WoW and war thunder.


Newspaper 4-21


One day the Wendell family decided to make chocky chip cookies. So they did. First they watched a video. Then they looked at a recipe. And then they made it. It was only easy. Here is what it was like. so yeah down at the bottom is the dough or something. And here is us mixing the dough or something. so yeah the cookies were pretty good and that's the end of the story.


One day on April 7th (kaity's birthday) kaitys got some katypillars. haha! Get it! katy-pillars! Haha! So we found some katypillars katy- catterpillars they were so cute! They looked like this! Now they have all gone into their cocoons!  So they look like this! they will hatch soon! Hatch? Do you say hatch? Huh!? I don't know!? Huh. Weird.

Radioactive Imagine dragons War thunder + WoW (sorry reupload i needed to fix something)




War thunder+WoW Radioactive. Imagine Dragons



look at this. What is this? you might ask. Well its none other than Kaitlin Wendell! What is this monstrosity! And How did this happen? It all started two days ago it's is Saturday just to be sure. On that day, probably Wednesday. Was when kaitys dad found there old Ghostbusters costume. What you do is blow it up with a fan and BOOM you like like a 100 pound man. No offense. All I could says is that it was hilarious! Laughing the whole time! Until it got very hot and smelly in there. Here is another really dumb picture of her. oops! That's another bagel! Here it is! the terror. Well it is Ghostbusters after all! Now I would run before she hugs you!

school stuff

School stuff Today at homeschool Ben's mom thought of a easier way from him to do school stuff. And now I oh I mean he is now happy doing his assignments and that is good. Plus if he does good he can get bagel sandwiches for lunch­čą». "BAGEL SANDWICHES ARE THE BEST!" Ben says "I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR A BAGEL SANDWICH" Ben says again. yum! What would you do for a bagel sandwich Send us some stories at

Newspaper 4/14

Camping in the Yard

tent day 1 one day Ben and Kaity decided to sleep in a tent one night. since they're mom and dad had already set the tent up. so they brought all there stuff ( and a computer) and stayed up late watching movies. "it was cold but that's what i like about camping!" Ben said. "also our dad slept in the hammock" camping day 2 Ben and Kaity woke up and were cold Ben went back to sleep. but soon Ben was fully awake. "now the sun was out and the heat was getting trapped in there" Ben said so we moved the tent to the back of the house later they went inside when it was getting late they stayed up late and watched movies. this time there dad slept in the tent because why not? this repeated for 2 more days until we found that egg but they're dad did'nt sleep with them that time

Easter Bunny Thank You Note

Easter Bunny, Thank you for the eggs and stuff. I really liked the mini M&Ms. They were so yummy! The Coronavirus is really bad and we can't really go outside and see our friends. And it's not fun. I wish I was a bunny.  We've been ‘homeschooling’ for a month. I say it that way because it's not really homeschooling, and it's not permanent. We have been celebrating our friends' birthdays from our cars. Weird right?  We found a blue jay egg and tried to hatch it! We (or I) ended up cracking it. We tried so hard though. When it happened I was writing a story about the egg when I wanted to get a picture of it (it cracked). It was funny how I showed a picture of it in a happy mood but it was so sad at the same time. Very sad and very dark :(. Hopefully its mom doesn’t figure it out (that would be very bad). Finally, I'm begging Kaity to play baby shark on the guitar. Happy Easter, Ben

Bird Egg

after coming out of our tent (about that sooner or later) Ben finds a bright shiny blue egg siting on the swing. i decide to bring it in. "it was very cold and wet, cold and wet. like holding a ice cube." Ben decides to bring the egg next to a heater. Kaity looks at it "can we keep it! can we keep it!" "sure, why not." Ben says btw this is the picture of the egg now: that is very sad and this is what it looked like back then: (like 2 days ago) and that is the end of our egg (partly my fault)

Roblox stuff - Day 1

roblox stuff day 1 Ben played some games on roblox like today Ben played wild west and ended up getting lucky and 'stealing' (not literately) '$600' from the 'bank' "it was just nice luck! and nice friends!" Ben says "lol i don't know why i did it! probably because you're supposed to its a wild west game!" BREAKING NEWS BEN IS ABLE TO PLAY AS CHINA IN RISE OF NATIONS ROBLOX "its fun to RULE OVER ALL ASIAN PEOPLE AND HAVE THEM BE MY SLAVES" Ben says. "this is the life" Ben says (while becoming the most powerful country on the earth and taking over India and Russia and towering over america) "TODAY IS A GREAT DAY" Ben says

Forming Rome... Kinda, age of civilizations 2

Forming German empire 1440... And Prussia... And Brandenburg-tuetonic order. age of civilizations 2