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Oliver's risk game

Above is the Risk board as it looked on 4/22/2020. Oliver: Green/Black, Sandy: Orange/Yellow. All photo credits to: Siobhan.

Risk. A game like no other. A game where you must strategize, fight, and win. The prize: Global Domination! Oliver got Risk for his birthday (4/9/2020) after he had enjoyed playing it online with his friends. The evening after Oliver’s birthday; Siobhan, Oliver, Eric (Dad), and Sandy (Mom) sat down to start the long and complicated game. Siobhan took almost all of Asia, Oliver got most of North America, Sandy grabbed Europe, and Eric took most of Africa, South America, and Australia. The game began and for a while it seemed like either Eric or Sandy would claim victory. But then…Oliver and Sandy made an alliance!! Together they conquered both Eric and Siobhan. And then, Sandy seized control of the entire world (minus Greenland)! Oliver was still in the running! ‘Ha’, you're probably thinking, ‘He has no chance, with just one country.’ But then...Oliver got 175 troops! He began his turn by conquering Europe, which Sandy had controlled for the entire game. He slowly moved onward, towards Asia. Sandy and Oliver are still at war now! When asked who he thinks will win this epic battle, Oliver says “I am confident that I will have seized control of the world before my current turn is up, or I will have to face the consequences.” If he doesn’t achieve his goal of global domination in this one turn, he will almost certainly lose. Sandy will get 270 troops in her next turn (if she has one), so Oliver must take over the world in one turn! Who do you think will win? Text or email Oliver your opinion on the battle, and who will win it at Stay tuned for updates on the winner.


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