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Camping in the Yard

tent day 1
one day Ben and Kaity decided to sleep in a tent one night. since they're mom and dad had already set the tent up. so they brought all there stuff ( and a computer) and stayed up late watching movies.
"it was cold but that's what i like about camping!" Ben said. "also our dad slept in the hammock"

camping day 2
Ben and Kaity woke up and were cold Ben went back to sleep. but soon Ben was fully awake.
"now the sun was out and the heat was getting trapped in there" Ben said
so we moved the tent to the back of the house later they went inside when it was getting late they stayed up late and watched movies. this time there dad slept in the tent because why not?
this repeated for 2 more days until we found that egg
but they're dad did'nt sleep with them that time


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