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Newspaper 5-31

how I make videos!

How I make my videos! I have a YouTube channel. If you are smart you would know that by now. If you aren't I'm impressed how bad you are at listening. Cmon people! I tell you all the time! First of all you screen record a  video of any cool animation of your choice. I like WWII so I'll find some animations from war thunder ,world of warships, world of tanks and IL-2 sturmovick. They all allow us to do this stuff so it's fine. If you want videos from videogames like those you might wanna find trailers. They have animation that look 10 times better than there gameplay. Never use gameplay footage for the videos. It looks ugly. then round all of the videos up with the music of your choice and bring it to your editing software. I use kinemaster. It's really good. it has video cut speed and reverse and sound and all that stuff. I really recommend it. It's confusing to first use, but once you get used to it it's all good. The only thing kinemaster doesn

Another one bites the dust (Wot)


We will rock you (Wot)


movie review: scoob!

First I wanna say there is a enourmous spoiler warning, put a white peice of paper over this if you don't want to accidentally read it. Ok unless you wanna be spoiled  stop here or you will probably get spoiled When I thought there was enough. Enough movies that are pretty terrible. or the show. This came out. in my opinion this was a weird movie they should have used the original Scooby Doo song at the start. And also shaggy is really weird. I feel like the directors don't know how kids talk these days. The weirdest quote from shaggy was when he lost his candy in a "haunted" house. I say "haunted" like that because it's obviously not haunted. He says "like, no way bro that's a haunted house!" Smh, smh. NOBODY SAYS USES THE WORD LIKE BEFORE THOS TYPES OF SCENTANCES. There are 2 good jokes in the movie though. But I doubt any child under 10 is gonna get it. So thats my thoughts on scoob.  Probably 4/10 on my list.

The final countdown ( WT WoW Wot WoWp IL-2 sturmovick)



A few days ago we went to a party! But it was a tiny social distancing party. And Mr will got us crabs! They were Soo good! I really like the old Bay! And the meat is great too! but if they figure out how to put the old Bay inside the crab, THEN IT WOULD BE BETTER! Or if they just pulled out all the crab meat and put old Bay on it! Then it would be the best food in history! Andy (the dog) was at the party since we went to the McGranm's. And we did stuff like swing on the swings and Georgia came too. Andy is the best dog ever! We played on the scooters because I brought my scooter. And then we swung on the swings again, and again, and again. And mostly played fetch with Andy!

The final countdown ( WT, Wot, WoWp, WoW, il-2 sturmovick)


Newspaper 5-23

movie review: Indiana jones

I just watched all of the Indiana Jones movies. Some of them were pretty creepy. They were ok sometimes funny. What I think about the first one is scary with the old gross dead bodies and skeletons. But it had the most rememberable scenes. Like running away from the giant boulder. And stuff like that. For the second one it feels like the directors finally figured out what jump scares are. Witch made 4 times scarier. So that's a good risk to know. The 3rd one in my opinion was pretty good since it wasn't as scary. And I was able to get some sleep. And the fourth one you can definitely tell the actor for Indiana Jones got a lot older. (Probably because it was made in 2008 even though the first three were made in the 1980's. But this one wasn't totally realistic. Like when he used gunpowder to find that thing. It would never just fly like that! Or how somehow he survived a nuclear blast in a fridge! So that's really all I have to say. They were decent movies though! So

game review: total tank simulator

Remember Total Tank Simulator! Its out now! and I got it. Its awesome! I have played it a lot and made a YouTube video of it its really cool! and its based on WWII! and did you know I'm one out of 2.5% of people who have launched and nuke. yes there is nukes in the game. NICE RIGHT! ok that bright. that was what I was thinking when I dropped a nuke I was playing as a AA gun. when suddenly everything just stopped moving and light was everywhere! it was crazy! then I looked and the giant blast and it was so awesome! so yeah, the nuke was crazy. just today I used one of every unit from every country (except for the UK and USA). Germany won but that's probably because they are the most technologically advanced. so they won and took the nice victory! I made a YouTube video about it. so I really recommend this game! (if your parents allow you to get it, its $18)

I used used one of every vehicle in the game and made them fight (total tank simulator)


game review: bomber crew

Bomber crew is a game where you are the commander of a bomber. You tell you're free what to do, where to go, and stuff like that. You get different missions that you have to complete to finish your campaign. There is sections of the campaign. For me every time I finish a section I crash my bomber. I named my bomber KABOOM because, KABOOM! 5 KABOOM bombers have crashed. I am right now using KABOOM VI. KABOOM V was my favorite. It had 3 missiles and all of its guns where ammo fed. One of the pilots his name is something legrice. we had legrice on the first KABOOM and he survived every crash! Until now. He crashed on a emergency landing. all of our engines broke off or caught on fire.  RIP legrice. Ok! So I will show you a picture of the game! I recommended this game! It has cute little characters and if you crash you're bomber it gets a replacement! (Same with crew) so that makes the game not stressful at all! And I like those games!

The final countdown (Wot)


Eye of the tiger (Wot)


The final countdown


Newspaper 5-15

bike ride

We went on a bike ride! And we went to DC! The ride was 10 miles! And we saw all these monuments! On the way to one of the monuments. We went to the Lincoln memorial, then we went over to the Washington monument. After that we went to the Iwo Jima memorial. Then we looked at the WWII memorial. There's no picture since sadly it was one of the most boring. They need to make it better. Then we went to the Korean war memorial. Then we went to the Martin Luther King Jr memorial. We could see the Jefferson memorial threw the lake. While we where heading to the Jefferson memorial kaity fell and scratched her knees. We rested for a while. Her scratch looked pretty bad. But then she got back up. And we asked her what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to go back home. So we went to the metro. But we needed to find a elevator so we can go down easy. So we randomly went to the capital building. So then we went back but sadly the station was closed. So we went to another one and

burying our pets ashes

We used to have pets. They're names were Lucky the dog, Stinky the cat, and Minky the other cat. (He was the tiny one) sadly they died =.( So that's sad. And today we burried their ashes. The white stuff is their ashes. Lucky is all the way to the right. Minky is in the middle. And Stinky is all the way to the left. Then we got stones and painted them for their graves. That's basically all. So the end.

I watched Back to the Future!

Today we just finished the whole back to the Future series! It was pretty good! I think if I get a time machine I would change my mom's mind to think that we should have pets. And make my mom like pets! And also there is this cool game coming out and it looks like this! And it comes out in may 20th! And I would use the time machine to get to may 20th faster! Although right now it's only 8 days away, but I'm impatient it's like waiting for your birthday! You wanna just get to the point! Especially since this game is probably gonna be the coolest game of the century. And also since every day feels like 4 years, it's making me get really eager to get this game. Ok enough about that. If I had a time machine I would also look 2 million years in the future. And then 2 million years in the past. I wanna see that stuff! Well what would you do if you had a time machine!

Il-2 sturmovick video


Eye of the tiger (WoWp WoW il-2 sturmovick WT)


Eye of the tiger (DCS world WoW WoWp WT)


Newspaper 5-6

(WoW WoWp WT) animated video



One day (probably Sunday) we heard on the news that the Thunderbirds and the blue Angels are flying above us! It was so cool so we went on a big bike ride btw we went 15 MILES!! THATS CRAZY. then we came back and got some icee's And just waited. and waited. And waited. And then we saw it! it was very cool! they just were like! Neeeereeeew And then they just flew away.


Butterflies. Remember them, a few days ago they left. Here is what it looked like! we finally let them go they are very happy (I think) Hopefully they are still alive. And hopefully they like me. I followed one and it just stared at me. Is that good? I think it is. But here is a picture that is cropped better. there it is. Well that was cool

Star wars special