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movie review: pirates of the Caribbean 1-3


So I finally watched pirates of the Caribbean. 
Well at least 1,2 and 3. They were pretty good.
I like the third one. But with the first one when the crew of the black pearl that were cursed to turn 
Into skeletons when the moon is out. When they attacked the British ship close to the end I'm amazed that noone was completely terrified that literal skeletons where attacking there ship. I mean literately! That would leave me scarred forever. SKELETONS. LIVING SKELETONS. THAT DON'T DIE. AAAAAAAAA. Yikes! That would be bad. I think what was cool was when the flying Dutchman and the black pearl battled
In the 3rd movie. That was cool but I wish they showed the other pirate ships battling. What was odd when the flying Dutchman got a captain and y'know who it was Will that dude. How they both teamed up and the British ship called the Endeavour in the movie was a 100 gun ship! Yes I googled that. ITS MASIVE. The only thing that the British captain needed to say was "fire!" And both the Dutchman and the black pearl would've gotten ripped apart completely! That was so weird! Well that's all for today folks!


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