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water balloons

We set up our pool! Well it wasn't exactly a pool.
It was a really tiny pool. But anyway we had a bunch of water balloons sitting around so we filled them up and filled the pool with water balloons! And I completely soaked kaity! Haha!
The next day we set up a slip and slide! My dad put something called silicone or something and it was like this slimy slippery thing that made the slip and slide more slippery. I slid so far I went off the side off the slip and slide! And our friends came over to! Although it was a mini social distancing party thing. Oliver came over and for kaity, Lizzie came over. And we went through two bags of water balloons which is basically 200 water balloons. Me and Oliver would do duels with the water guns and I won every time! Hahahaha! Mwuahahahaha! We cleaned for hours! There was so many bits and pieces of water balloons! They were everywhere!


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