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another mini party

We had another tiny social distancing party thing! And it was fun! We had basically a movie night and we put the chairs all six feet apart! And also made a safe line to the fridge! Even though nobody used it. but that's ok! The Shaw's, Vogt's and Le's all came. We played around with the laser tag guns but it wasn't that fun so we played on scooter's and that was fun. Then we watched the movie and after that we played more laser tag! We tried putting tape over the sides of the gun but that didn't work. Then Ryan acted all scary and everyone ran from him like little baby's!
Then we played this weird game were you throw a bean bag and bounce it of this bouncy thingy that would deflect the bean bag back and land in a hole. It was hard. Then we played with Pop-its y'know those things you throw at the ground and blow up! When we threw one down it didn't even blow up! Later when we cleaned the Pop-its up I looked at a Pop-it and it looked live but it wasn't.
So I stepped on it and BOOM! The thing blew up under my shoe! But then eventually everyone had to go. And that's the end.


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