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Easter Bunny Thank You Note

Easter Bunny,

Thank you for the eggs and stuff. I really liked the mini M&Ms.
They were so yummy!

The Coronavirus is really bad and we can't really go outside and see our friends. And it's not fun. I wish I was a bunny. 

We've been ‘homeschooling’ for a month. I say it that way because it's not really homeschooling, and it's not permanent. We have been celebrating our friends' birthdays from our cars. Weird right? 

We found a blue jay egg and tried to hatch it! We (or I) ended up cracking it. We tried so hard though. When it happened I was writing a story about the egg when I wanted to get a picture of it (it cracked). It was funny how I showed a picture of it in a happy mood but it was so sad at the same time. Very sad and very dark :(. Hopefully its mom doesn’t figure it out (that would be very bad).

Finally, I'm begging Kaity to play baby shark on the guitar.

Happy Easter,



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