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movie review: Indiana jones

I just watched all of the Indiana Jones movies.
Some of them were pretty creepy. They were ok sometimes funny. What I think about the first one is scary with the old gross dead bodies and skeletons. But it had the most rememberable scenes. Like running away from the giant boulder. And stuff like that. For the second one it feels like the directors finally figured out what jump scares are. Witch made 4 times scarier. So that's a good risk to know. The 3rd one in my opinion was pretty good since it wasn't as scary. And I was able to get some sleep. And the fourth one you can definitely tell the actor for Indiana Jones got a lot older. (Probably because it was made in 2008 even though the first three were made in the 1980's. But this one wasn't totally realistic. Like when he used gunpowder to find that thing. It would never just fly like that! Or how somehow he survived a nuclear blast in a fridge! So that's really all I have to say. They were decent movies though! So the end. 


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